Broken Plan: neat solutions to interconnect spaces in an Open-Plan Home

Open concept space is still popular today and is still once the preferred layout for homes. Especially in modern house remodelling, it’s a trend to have no separation between the rooms that are joined to form a unique larger space.

Example of “Open Plan” by Russian for Fish architect

“Open plan” increase free space, light, fluidity, multifunctionality in the house but at once it can also reduce privacy, make it noisier.
So how to preserve all the qualities and functions in these layouts without concern about some aspects?

Simple, the “broken plan concept” can be the clever use of “open plan”. The idea actually, is to retain all the things we love about open-plan – particularly the light and openness but also keep the component of privacy in the home that should we need it.

Distinct zones (without partition walls) are created by the use of different elements such as:
split-levels – The creation of different levels through elements as step , can  act as a visual distinction between zones that serves different purposes.  Glass balustrades can keep the spaces linked and allow light to reach the upper floor.

half-walls – The addition of a half wall between the kitchen and living space for example, divides up the room to create two distinct zones, while also solving the common dilemma of where to put the TV in an open-plan space and do not impact on the sense of sociability.

by Domus Nova

• double-sided bookcase – This solution allow you to break up any space and have a dual function, to hold collections of books /object/containers and to define/organize two different areas (for example  cooking and eating space/relax space-office space or hallway and living space)    

• glass partitions – glazing opaque can be a “passe-partout” by providing the perfect way to keep your space feeling open. This solution offer a visual connection between different zone that stay intrinsically linked. Like in the case of kitchen and living area or office space and living area.  

• double Sided Fireplaces – Located in the middle of the house’s main portion, these components are a great way to break up a large space whilst maintaining light and visual flow between the space. For example, between hall and living room or living/dining room, are stunning focal point.

And a final thing: don’t forget the colour. It is a crucial element that you need to consider when you want to link some zone together.