A bathroom without a tub

One of the most frequent conundrums to be solved while renovating or building a new bathroom is the choice between bathtub or shower.

There is a popular conception that the lack of a bath causes a property to become less attractive on the market. It’s common for Brits to feel that a bath is a necessity for a home, the only real option to deal with small children hygiene and the best way to relax sore muscles after a long day of work.

But it that true?

Times have changed and modern showers are gaining popularity, at expense of old fashioned tubs. There are many reasons for this:

• Most of property in UK have a space problem. The rooms size is a key priority for the householders, and bathrooms see a lot of activity. People undress, get dressed, wash up, do their makeup, dry their hairs and get massage, smear, shave, scrub, meditate, read, listen music, etc.) and cramped spaces induce stress. The shower solution allows to save space and it will give you plenty of room to move around, making the area look bigger than ever.

• Moreover a clever planning of the shower room can allow the placement and the use of other accessories (cabinet for towels or shelving or mirror or laundry space or armchair or vanity unit, etc.)

A bathroom without bath, some ideas for renovate the space
Examples of spaces’s use

•  Today’s trends are for bathrooms to be a real comfort zone, a space of pleasure and care equipped with all the amenities dedicated to relaxation. The last models of showers are more interactive and sophisticated and can give you the same warm feeling of a long and invigorating bath. Contemporary solutions are evolving with a wide variety of design models of different shape, dimensions and materials. You can choose shower cabins or freestanding and walk-in showers fitted with chromotherapy lighting, radio and bluetooth connectivity to run your personal playlists, an overhead monsoon rain shower, steam or nebulization programmes, omni-directional body jets, aromatherapy, etc.  All these features create an authentic daily spa experience through personalised wellness paths.

SASHA MI Saunas Hammam Emotional Showers by Jacuzzi

•  Contemporary showers are extremely practical. Low Level Shower Trays or a level access shower, with split doors are the models suitable for elderly people or those with walking difficulties. The solutions like these are an investment worth considering especially if you are planning to continue living in your home for as long as possible. 

MatMore collection by Fasp ceramic


•  Even the idea that a home with no bath can be an issue for young family with children is really just a myth, as now there are many products that can transform the shower in a tub as Folding Bath Shower or Flexi Bath Bundle – Bath tub for Toddlers & Children. These cool practical pieces are a good alternative to the baths and with these you can create a comfortable and save space for the children that to make them feel happy. Remember your children grow and a shower is more important for teenagers. 

•  In a recent Telegraph’s article, property expert noted that a bathroom makeover could add up to 3 per cent to the value of our homes if the space is well planned and functional.  So, what are you waiting for to design or renovate your bathroom? If you need a good advice about how to make best use of the space in your home, don’t desperate contact us.