Zoning homes: one of the best ways of making the most of your space

Very often we can create quality and comfortable environments by remodelling the space altering or extending its layout .

But building works have a cost.

So what can be smart and cheap solutions to renovate our rooms?

Designing your home spaces with proper use of colours is a possible way throughout which you can visually divide an area, define a function and create a pleasing flow.

This process is called Colour Zoning.

Colour zoning: Kitchen/living area

Example in open-plan room with different multiple functions:

If your dining area sits snuggly between the kitchen and living space, you can paint a wide stripe that runs around a part of the wall and the ceiling to create a compact and unified eating area, in perfect harmony with the positioning of light fixtures.

A flat in Turin, Italy by arch. Francesca Melchiorre

You can also use a vivid bright paint to create a sort of box from ceiling to floor and to define an area in particular, for example your kitchen.

Renovation of flat in Marseilles by Pixel Architecture

If you like painting with very vibrant tones, it’s often a good idea to set them off against a neutral backdrop, or to take two starkly contrasting shades and use them to create a definite divide between your different zones.


Colour zoning: home office space

Very often, our workspaces are located in an anonymous corner of the living room or bedroom. If you like to be a bit more daring with your decorations, painting this area with a diagonal flash of a glossy invigorating colour in the corner of a wall will give it character and help to flash it out.

The effect is absolutely cool, modern and less invasive than any other type of room divider you can imagine.

Colour zoning: bedroom  

The box approach may be used again to define the sleeping area. A light blue colour paint could evoke feelings of floating in the sky or the sea.

Alternatively you can highlight your sleeping zone with a shade block impact, and paint only one headboard wall in some soft and peaceful deep green pastel shade.

by int2 architecture

In the kids’ room, painting only one side of the room you can create a visual division between the sleeping area and the play area that defines two zones with their own specific requirements and atmosphere.

by int2 architecture
by Apartmenttherapy

Colour zoning: hallway

The entry hall should be the business card of your home and should show to your guests your personality, your taste and preferences. Instead the hallway is typically long, cramped and gloomy, so to achieve a brave new look you could paint the corridor with a bold colour stripe. A strong idea that add bags of character and also serves to connect the rooms.

Colour zoning: Unexpected Places

Think out of the box, use little splashes of color in a smaller area, for a big effect.

A tiny pop of color in an unexpected place catches our attention, focuses it, and casts a halo effect on its surroundings, making an object or place feel more considered and special.

Can you see how many smart options you have? Playing with colours has never been so trendy.

So what are waiting for ? If you need a colour consultation for a collaborative effort please don’t hesitate to contact us.