lampada11The practice is  able to create total environments, interior and exterior, which are pleasing and functional for the people who live within them.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Extensions, loft conversion, basement / Residential refurbishment
  • Property Restyling
  • Home Staging
  • Strategy for Retail and commercial property

We can provide you with all the following as a single package or a combination of several services::

  • Surveys and Feasibility study
  • Ideas and sketches (freehand drawing, 3d models and rendering)
  • Interior design (space planning, color schemes. Furniture,lights,walls Layouts)
  • Planning Drawings and Costruction Drawings for Planning  an Building Regulation Application 
  • Site monitoring
  • Landscape design

Environmental, MEP Engineers and Structural Engineers collaborate with the studio to offer to the clients specialist consultancies.

Just contact Tiny cofee cup interiors  to arrange an informal appointment to talk about your project.